About Us

About us

We are a team of painters and decorators with many years’ experience. We form good relationships with our clients and are willing to help them reach there aims in any project. At PAINTWORKS we will provide you with customer satisfaction, expert advice and professionalism. Paintworks is consistently keeping up to date with the latest techniques and products available to our industry.


While the climate changes so do the products and the way we dispose of them. We take a front seat approach in advising clients in new technologies within our industry. We make recommendation for using water-based products on certain projects while advising a water-based product might not be a sustainable or practical option. We have a can recycling scheme in place with some of our merchants which means the less waste the better.

Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain a high level of health and safety at all times. At paintworks we consistently monitor the working environment and put in measures such as toolbox talks, risk assessments along with method statements to maximise the prevention of any incidents. We are consistently updating our qualifications to ensure a good site is a safe site.

Our Values

Inorder to maintain a high standard, Paintworks believe by implementing these five values, we can reach not only our aim but yours.

  • Environment
  • Clients interest
  • Health and safety
  • Products used
  • Professionalism


  • Phone:

    07575 662873

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  • Opening Times:

    Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

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